Here are some lovely shots from a truly inspiring evening at Bar Jeder Vernunft, Berlin on 29.7.17 !!

On 5 evenings, women artists of all kinds took the stage.

The line up of the 5th evening:

Astrid North – Host & Performance

Lisa Bassenge

Esther Cowens

SyZy Gal O00O

The Band: Bass/Heike Becker, Keys/Yasmin Hadisubrata, Drums/Benny Glass



Highlights 2016 Audio

The album ‘Tochoose’ was released on bandcamp in Feb 2015. It turned out to be an amalgamation of different styles of music I’ve been playing around with in the last years. The title suggested a desire to choose…and so I did.

The Kairidescence EP released in Feb 2016 is a collection of previous work all leading to a specific music choice. Finally after years of flirting with Rock I felt the need to home in on that.

The single ‘H.M.I.Y.A.’┬áreleased shortly afterwards marks a clear preference going down some kind of a grunge route. As I continue to work organically I have no idea whether this direction will persist. However the process of choosing was fantastic for me. I’m excited about what 2017 will bring.

Bring it on I’m ready!


Highlights 2016 Visual

2016 also introduced me to the magic of Sardinia. I was fortunate enough to collaborate with my friend Zenoh Straniero who spontaneously comprised some wonderful photo shoots out of thin air. The landscape is truly exquisite.

Here is a shot from each shoot. Many thanks Zenoh!



Beach Pirates Shoot Styling/Photo: Zenoh Straniero


Caletta Shoot Styling/Photo: Zenoh Straniero


ChinaRed Shoot Styling/Photo: Zenoh Straniero


Folkor Shoot Styling/Photo: Zenoh Straniero


Gitanes Shoot Styling/Photo: Zenoh Straniero


Following that, the visual stimulation inspired BINU NIEDDU FILM – an adventure in film. View the first visual in 2 parts here: BOGI BIRDI


Screenshot from BOGI BIRDI